Laryngospasm, Part I: Introduction

Dr. Bastian explains laryngospasm with video of the larynx and a simulated attack. You will hear the types of noises often made by the person experiencing laryngospasm and see what the vocal folds are doing at the same time.

Laryngospasm, Part II: Straw Breathing

Laryngospasm is a sudden, often severe attack of difficulty breathing, typically lasting between 30 and 90 seconds. In this video, Dr. Bastian explains a simple procedure — straw breathing — that can be used by individuals suffering an attack.

Vocal Straw Exercise

Ingo Titze, showing the official “straw technique” for vocalists, demonstrating the easy technique that uses a simple straw for hard-working voices. Variations of the straw technique has roots in Northern Europe and has been used for several hundred years.