Marna Scarry-Larkin


  • 1130 Grove Street
  • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401



  • Monday-Thurs 9:00-6:00
  • Friday Limited Hours
  • Other Times by special arrangement
  • Virtual Sessions also available

  • SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program

    The SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program, developed by Parkinson Voice Project®, helps people with Parkinson's regain and retain their speech and swallowing. The evidence-based program combines education for the patient and family, individual speech therapy, daily home practice using workbooks, flashcards, and online practice sessions, along with weekly speech groups, and regular re-evaluations. For more information about
    Parkinson Voice Project, visit

    Marna SLP

    Marna Scarry-Larkin, MA CCC/SLP CBIS is a
    Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Brain Injury Specialist with over 40 years of experience specializing in Executive Functions, Communication Disorders, and Literacy.